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Barcelona destroyed Seville and won the Copa del Rey

Team Ernesto Valverde in Madrid easily beat Sevilla and took possession of the Copa del Rey trophy.

Valverde and Montella were not surprised with the choice of the basic line-ups and from the first minutes they threw into the fight an absolutely predictable composition. Barcelona immediately took the ball under its control and began to methodically destroy the opponent's defense. Long wait for the first goal was not necessary.

Sillessen (!) Sightseeing gave to Coutinho, which provided him with an outlet one on one, but the Brazilian did not greed and gave to the empty net Suarez - 1:0. The inertia of Seville was surprising. No coaching idea and banal sitting out on the defensive. Is it possible to win from Barcelona?

Unfortunately, even the goal did not wake the Nerovians and the game continued in the same vein. Yes, there was a slight upsurge in activity, but then Barcelona rather paused for a respite. As a result, before the break, "blue-garnet" scored twice more, which finally killed the intrigue in the fight. At first, Alba gave a brilliant heel pass to the incoming Messi, and the one from close range drove the ball under the crossbar.

And then the same goal was built by Messi, but with a couple of Suarez. Louis gave to Leo, and he brought a perfect pass to the partner one on one, and Uruguayan second touch sent the ball into the net - 3: 0. Simply and easily.

The second half "blougranas" also started with a goal. Messi gave to Iniesta, he broke into the penalty area, beat Soria and sent the ball into the empty net. For sure, this goal was the last for Andres for Barcelona, ??but about this later. After this, Sevilla was obliged to score a goal of prestige, but Sandro Ramirez failed to realize the output one on one. To this Barca had his answer.

Coutinho scored after the pass from Suarez, but Gil Manzano noted taking the goal because of the game hand Lengle and appointed a penalty. Struck the same Coutinho and score on the scoreboard was 5: 0. Humiliation.

And already at the end of the match Valverde took off the captain of Barcelona Andres Iniesta. According to his emotions and the behavior of his partners, one thing is obvious: this game was the last for the Spaniard in the "blue-garnet" T-shirt.

Ernesto replaced the captain only to be properly conducted by the fans and they did it brilliantly. The whole stadium, including the fans of Seville, applauded enthusiastically Andres and the fans chanted his name for a few minutes.

Iniesta himself left the field with tears in his eyes. Remember this moment. A whole era is ending.

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